I had not been to yoga class for about a week and a half, so I decided to go tonight after work. I didn’t check the schedule before I went like I usually do.

The only class that I was in time for was called “Yoga for Kids.” Humm … I’m not exactly a kid anymore. The teacher was more than happy to have an adult in the class though, and I’d come wanting to do some yoga. So tonight, I was a kid.

It was fun, and a bit less structured than most of the classes I go to. It was also pretty small–besides myself and the teacher there was only the teacher’s young son who looked about eight or nine, and a younger boy who looked about five or six. Main thing I noticed was that the kids pretty much did what they wanted, but the teacher kept their attention most of the time.  There was no trying to force the kids to go along with all the poses. I got some help with wheel and shoulder stand from the teacher which almost felt more like we were in a one-on-one session rather than a class. I liked the help and she liked the opportunity to get some practice teaching an adult.

The class was loosely structured around a story about a warrior (starting with warrior 1) and the things he encountered while traveling (a boat, a tree, and a river, for example). I like doing a sequence of poses that were attached to a story. In one of the regular classes I go to, the teacher taught us a story based on Hindu mythology about a warrior pose sequence. I only remember the story and the characters involved very loosely now. At the time the story not only helped me remember the sequence, but it also made it more interesting. I think mythology is fascinating and I like to know the stories behind the poses.

I tried something new tonight, something unexpected, and enjoyed it.