This has happened twice now, to my amazement and embarrassment.

I have woken up twice absolutely beyond a doubt that our little puppy was in the bed with me. In both cases I was a bit puzzled at how she got there, since every night she sleeps in her kennel, and she is as of yet not able to jump into the bed on her own. But I knew she was there. I felt her, and even once picked her up. I told Ed that she was in the bed, and he heard me and remembers this happening.

Only it was not our puppy that was there. The little furry body I felt was one of our kitty cats that does indeed like to curl up next to me at night. The time I picked her up I even remained convinced that it was the puppy until Ed corrected me and turned on the light and I had to admit that I’d been deluded.

It’s a further reminder of me of how vulnerable the human brain–my own in particular–is subject to delusion. And no matter how much you are convinced and know something is true, it doesn’t mean it is. Questioning your perceptions and getting confirmation from another person always helps in determining if your perceptions match reality.