This morning at the the local abortion clinic was a bit different from the usual. The Kentucky Right to Life Association is having their convention in Louisville this weekend, so we were expecting a lot more protesters than usual. What we got were a lot more escorts and about the usual number of protesters. We were really able to surround and protect the clients and drown out the bullies, and it was really amazing. I learned a new song too, that I am sure to be using in upcoming weeks:

A woman has the right to live
A woman has the right to choose
A woman has the right to have a child
and she has the right to refuse.

I also learned this one:

Not the church and not the state,
Women must decide their fate!

We had some escorts come from Nebraska, as a reciprocation for when some Louisville escorts went to Omaha to defend Dr. Carhart’s clinic. So I made a few new friends and experienced some great camaraderie. The mix of people was great too: we had men, women, atheists, Christians, pagans, young, and old. Greatly increases my hope for humanity.

EDIT: I corrected some of the lyrics on the first song. And I’ve come up with a verse, to the same tune.

You don’t call an egg a bird,
You don’t call an acorn a tree.
A medical student is not a doctor
and a fetus is not a baby!

Now that’ll raise some anti hackles!