What does it mean to live like there’s no god?

To follow one’s conscience rather than holy dictate.
To not fear changing one’s belief when new information comes to light.
To have full use of your Reason without fear of ‘falling.’
To make and pursue your own meaning in life.
And not wait for a god to provide your purpose and calling.

To be free to seek real help for your issues rather than attributing them to “sin.”
To search for real answers to questions, not settling for “it is written.”
To see there is no moral dilemma at all if you must either tell a lie or give up lives.*
To strive for justice and equality now, because all will not be made right after we die.

In short:
To live like there is no god means to live like most normal, reasonable people do, even many of those who do believe in gods.

*Reference to the old philosophical question of whether you should lie to a Nazi that comes to your door when you are hiding Jews in your house. That anyone could see a dilemma in this is beyond me. If you want to read more on this madness brought on by notions of absolute morality and obedience to God, check this article on the Answers in Genesis website. Unfortunately, this is not parody.