Ed and I got a letter in the mail today! Apparently someone is concerned about our immortal souls, though they apparently wish to express this concern anonymously. Here is the scan of the entire letter for your amusement.

I wonder who it could be from, and why he/she felt it necessary to hide his/her identities? (Though I figure this is at least a middle-aged person if they are making reference to “Let’s Make a Deal.”) I’d like to ask them what makes them think that it is in the nature of “creatures” to be “mastered.” Why don’t they recognize that we have lots of options in life, not just two? (Infantile black/white thinking here.) And why they think that quoting the Bible at an atheist is going to make any difference?

Oh, and here is the facepalm quote of the day: “We can be slaves to a loving God, or slaves to sin.”

Well, at least it isn’t a death threat. :-/