Over the last couple of weeks I have started going to yoga classes again. It started with work. This year at work has been more stressful than any previous time in my career, even before I graduated college. College was very stressful at times, and then the finals would be over and the pressure would go away. Those days, it would appear, are over — once one stressor goes away, at least one more moves in to take its place. And the tension that I was holding up in my upper back announced itself very loudly a few weeks ago. I was struggling to focus my mind on the next major issue on the system that I support that was being brought to my attention by one of our users when I turned my head and something felt like it just snapped somewhere between my neck and my right shoulder.

It was nothing too serious, at least nothing that some massage and some icing would not resolve. But it was right about then that I decided I needed to get back to the yoga studio. And I have felt much better since.