I’m not going to write a post rebutting this now, and I’ll make the assumption that my readers are familiar enough with evolutionary theory to see what is wrong here. (Edit: I have added captions to the pictures.) These are a few pictures from the pages of the Biology for Christian Schools textbook that I mentioned in my previous post. This is actually what I was taught as fact in my Christian homeschool experience. If I had never gone to university and been exposed to different ideas, I might still even think this crap is true.

I may go into more detail why these are wrong in later posts, but for now I’ll just let the images speak for themselves (I’ve gone ahead and added rebuttals to the captions).

Click the images for a larger, legible view.



Edit: Just in case you felt your IQ slip a few points after seeing that, here is a good basic account of human evolution from Berkeley’s Understanding Evolution site.