I don’t identify as pagan, and I don’t believe in the supernatural. However I admire aspects of modern paganism and I adore the idea of the wheel of the year. Tomorrow is Halloween, or as my pagan and wiccan friends would call it, Samhain.

I am featuring Samhain and Halloween in this week’s Sunday blasphemy because of the fear and ambiguity I had of the day because of Christian teachings. I wasn’t really able to relax and enjoy it until I broke away from the fear of paganism and real devils. No, this holiday is not about celebrating evil and devils and witchcraft — well maybe witchcraft, whatever that actually means. For me it’s a time for fantasy and pretend and refection on my life and the winter to come. It’s a time to think about our mortality and the deep mysteries of the universe and our place in it. And of course it’s the one night where all the neighbors are out after dark and it’s considered normal to knock on doors begging for candy. 🙂


So, enjoy your Samhain and your Halloween tomorrow night, and don’t fret about what the Puritans have to say. 😉

More on Samhain here: http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/samhainoctober31/p/Samhain_History.htm