I live in the United States. One of the major issues up for debate today is the idea of building a wall along our southern border. The person recently in power (who I did not vote for) thinks it will keep America safer if we close up our borders and don’t let foreigners in except under extreme scrutiny.

All this fuss over political borders … did you ever realize that national borders are not even real?  If you go to the place marked on a map for the border of a country or a state, you won’t find anything there really. Maybe a sign, or a fence. But the border itself  exists only in the minds of people. And those borders only have force if the people who believe in them are powerful enough to force everyone else to observe them. That still doesn’t make them real, not in any material sense. A border is still nothing more than a concept in the minds of humans.

God is like this too. God doesn’t exist in any real, scientific, objective sense. But when enough people believe in gods – especially a particular conception of God – that concept can have a fair bit of power. I think this is the real reason why we have a concept of ‘blasphemy.’ A concept is powerful in affecting the world, but only so long as a critical mass of minds believe in it. Just like a national border is only powerful so long as enough people believe in it and have the ability to enforce it.

Of course, a border wall is totally ineffective against things like airplanes, and boats, and maybe even ropes, but that is beside the point. The Berlin Wall came down – and so will any border wall eventually. Similarly if God were a real being – truly the all powerful, all knowing creator of the universe, why would he care if someone didn’t believe in him? Would you care if an ant disbelieved in your existence? He would rise above such an offense. But in reality it is only the people who believe in God care about God’s feelings.

Unlike borders, and gods, people are real. And people are basically the same everywhere you go, regardless of their origin country or religion. I think it is people we should be concerned with protecting much more so than borders and religious ideas.

EDIT: I just found this on the concept of borders. It’s Aeroméxico’s response to the idea of a border wall, and it is brilliant. https://www.truthexaminer.com/2017/01/mexican-airline-aeromexico-responds-to-trumps-border-wall-with-spine-tingling-commercial-watch-here/