About the Skeptical Seeker

When I started this blog, I was looking for a name that would portray both openness and skepticism. Being a “seeker” means that I am open to new ideas and conscious that I may be mistaken in some of my beliefs. I have been through enough changes in belief — from evangelical Christianity, to Buddhism, to Paganism, and currently humanistic atheism — that I’ve learned that my present belief is not the answer for everyone.

Being ‘skeptical’ means that I try to apply sound reasoning and scientific empiricism to ideas and claims. For example I don’t believe in ghosts or gods because I have seen no evidence for either of them. There are so many competing supernatural claims of different religions — especially the claims that cannot be tested by science or any other independent method — that it seems much more likely to me that those ideas originated in the imaginations of human beings and not from divine revelation. If you have had a personal experience that you cannot prove I will not try to argue you out of it. Just be aware that your experience is not evidence to me. Your experience is yours.